To become the most respected sustainable technical services business in WA whilst remaining on the forefront of technology in order to connect our clients to the best that the future offers.



  • Belief in the dignity of hard work
  • In continuing commitment to developing our professional and technical expertise, ability, talents and skills
  • Confidence and expectations that all individuals give the best of themselves
  • Adding real value to our clients at all times
  • Delivering the highest possible standards In Health, Safety and Environmental requirements
  • Consistent delivery of operational excellence


  • Open and honest with all aspects of our business.
  • We treat and are treated as individuals and are known personally in a non-bureaucratic environment
  • Embrace personal responsibilities to grow and develop to meet and surpass the goals set out for us
  • Having strong moral principles that we stand by without waver as a business
  • Individually conducting oneself with the highest ethics and sincerity


  • In our commitment to the business success and reputation of ourselves and our clients
  • To listen and learn from each other
  • Pride in being the best we can be
  • Free to contribute within constructive teams
  • Continually strive to excel in expectations of our peers and clients


Our business is about our people, our culture and our strategy. Operational excellence and innovation is at the centre of everything we do. We have a defined strategy, which is integral to our business and centred around four main areas:

  1. Organic development
  2. Systematic entry into new Perth and WA markets
  3. Examination of new business models
  4. Development of innovation and market opportunities

These are all joined together by the development of our organisation, capability, capacity and competence and a strong commitment to the development of our people.

Each of our business units has contributed to the formation of the strategy and committed to delivering their individual aims and actions to reach our overall goals.

Our strategy is inextricably linked to our core vision ‘to become the most respected sustainable technical services business in WA’ and to our values.

We are well-equipped to meet the expectations of our people, our clients and the industry in which we operate both now and in the future.

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