Data & Communications

Structured Network Cabling Systems

What is a structured network cabling system?”
Many people ask this question. If you need your telephone system and LAN data network integrated together harmoniously so that you can move your staff members or entire departments from one desk to another in the same workspace seamlessly, without having to employ a technician to manually configure everything, then a structured network is for you.

Data/Voice/Fibre Optics

Whether you require one data point or a complete structured network installed, we can help you. With an experienced team that can assist with implementing your design, installation of an engineered design, testing of your infrastructure, or repairs to damaged copper or fibre optic cabling, RNM Solutions is fully capable.
Some of the our services provided are as follows:
  • Installation of copper network infrastructure
  • Single mode fibre optic networks
  • Multi mode fibre optic networks
  • Active equipment
  • Analogue or VOIP phones

We ensure that all cabling is tested to the highest of Australian Standards and have an extensive range of data test and fault finding equipment that can certify that your network will perform at the speeds that it is recommended for. Whether it’s your copper network or fibre network that needs moving, additions or changes completed we can help you.