People Counting & Analysis

With many years experience with people counting and movement systems, let RNM Solutions assist with your people counting and traffic management. We have installed hundreds of systems in Perth and the greater surrounds, including design, installation and implementation of systems to many of Perth’s major shopping centres. Systems are guaranteed and audited to achieve 95% or more in accuracy.


You might ask what is People Counting?  is is the analytics of traffic movements which is simply the motion of a person in and out of a given area.

Who would use it?  This system is most beneficial in the retail sector which not only includes individual retailers, but also the shopping centres.

How does it work?  It enables the retailer to understand how many inward and outward motions their store experiences throughout any given day.  It allows them to calculate traffic in certain tie periods and can reflect hourly intervals showing the peaks and troughs of the day, week and month.

This helps in the employment of staff and staff rotations.  It assists management by seeing the historical map of your days, weeks and months.

Installation.  The correct installation of the sensor is essential. If the sensor is not configured or managed correctly it is not worth anything. Those considering these devices need to ensure they employ highly qualified technician.

The major benefits available to your business by installing this system are:
  • The ability for you to monitor your low and peak periods of trading throughout the day, week and month.
  • Thru the data collection of customer movement and comparing sales, you will be able to effectively manage your staff.
  • Save you time and money as a result of better staff management.
  • Deliver tangible benefits.
  • Improve the organisation of business performance
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Average sale amounts per person over the day
  • Decreasing overheads
  • Better security planning in high traffic areas
  • Better targeting of products