Service & Maintenance


Failure to service and maintain your electrical installation correctly can result in lost time for staff members, spoilt goods or just plain inconvenience through a tripped circuit or entire loss of power. This can be extremely costly and frustrating to the business owner or manager.

Programmed service dates for electrical equipment and accessories are required to keep your business running smoothly.

Servicing and Maintenance that is provided to our clients are:

  • Testing and Tagging of your portable appliances
  • Servicing of your production equipment
  • Emergency Breakdowns
  • Infra red thermography of switchboards and associated connections
  • Repairs to thermographic hot spots
  • Energy efficiency and load profiling
  • Grounds / security / external lighting checks and repairs
  • Emergency lighting testing and repairs on all makes and models
  • Annual / Bi annual / Quarterly electrical inspections and maintenance
Our entire team is electronically logged and tracked, enabling us to send our closest technician to assist you with your fault at any time.


Why do I need this service?” you may ask. Quite simply put, the naked eye is incapable of just looking at an electrical connection and noticing whether a poor termination, or overloaded cable is about to catch fire or burn. With an electric shock a massive possibility, in electrical systems you cannot feel the heat of a specific connection, like what you would do with water pipes or other objects.
This is where infra red thermography comes into its own. Our trained technicians are qualified to use state of the art thermal imaging cameras to identify poor connections in electrical switchboards that may be caused by any number of potential faults. If these faults go on unnoticed, burning of conductors, arc over and power failure, generally go hand in hand.
Annual inspections should be carried out on your electrical distribution systems to minimise the chances of these faults occurring. We have seen in our experience, many sites over the years that have not even known that a problem was apparent until the worst possible case has happened. This results in an unplanned power outage that may require days to rectify. Annual inspections can save thousands of dollars lost revenue if these potential faults are picked up and rectified straight away.

energy efficiency & load profiling

Being energy efficient means using less energy to achieve the same outcomes.

Whether heating, cooling or lighting your businesses or manufacturing goods and materials, we can optimise your energy usage by improving your energy efficiency.

Why be energy Efficient?

Being energy efficient and investing in energy efficiency practices and products:

  • saves money
  • protects the environment
  • enhances industry productivity
  • contributes to a competitive market
  • assists in better managing energy demand
  • contributes to energy reliability and security

What are the benefits of energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency in businesses and industry can provide financial benefits through reducing energy bills.

Energy efficiency helps lower greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, which improves our environment.

Businesses benefit from energy efficiency through improved corporate citizenship, better community and customer relations, increased staff productivity and product output, reduced maintenance costs and improved workplace health and safety.

How can you save energy?

RNM Solutions has the tools, equipment and expertise that can monitor and interpret your power usage and consumption. Energy audits can assist in the implementation of an overall energy management plan that will benefit your business.


Tagging and Testing are a workplace requirement by law.

As prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 and Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995, the person having control of a workplace or access to that workplace, i.e. employer, self-employed person, main contractor, must ensure that all plug-in electrical equipment and residual current devices (RCD’s) at the workplace are safe and appropriately inspected, tested and tagged and by a competent and trained person.” Source – Worksafe WA

All portable plug in appliances need to be tested and tagged in accordance OS&H Regulations.

Because RNM is a fully licensed and compliant electrical contractor employing qualified electricians, we test and tag the particular appliance with the ability to repair it if it is non compliant.  We can also provide a Certified  Electrical Equipment Log Book.